Tony Moly ‘I’m Real’ Sheet Masks!

Hi Everybody,

Sheet masks is a craze from South Korea that has captured the minds of the beauty world. Most beauty brands are creating their own range of sheet masks making it easily available to us beauty lovers. Its never been easier now to enjoy the benefits of sheet masks.

I have wanted to try Tony Moly products for a long time and I was lucky to find 3 sheet masks from the ‘I’m Real’ range from TK Maxx to try. I picked up the Pomegranate elasticity which is for firming up the skin. The Makgeolli skin purifying to make uneven skin radiant and glowing and the Aloe moisturizing to moisturize dry skin.

The first one I tried was the Makgeolli mask.  Makegeolli is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. You place the mask on clean cleansed skin and hold it for 20-30 minutes. The mask has a white,milky consistency and you don’t wash your face afterwards, you just massage the residue in. I did see a difference immediately, my skin brightened and a glowing radiance. It would be great for these who have dull, sullen skin and I believe it will be a huge difference to them. The Aloe mask is a runny consistency, it was running down my neck. It felt like you were putting slices of Aloe on your face! It really moisturized my skin, it felt hydrated and soft. I didn’t suffer any breakouts from it. The Pomegranate mask made my nose happy! It smelt wonderful. The product was excellent too. My foreheads lines looked minimalized when I looked in the mirror and my skin looked plumper, even and brighter.

I have to say I was won over by these Tony Moly masks. The Koreans really know how to make great products and  wonderful value for money on products that really work.





Jo Malone ‘Lime Basil & Mandarin’ Cologne!

Hi Everybody,

I love scent. Even from childhood, I loved smells. When my parents come home from shopping, I helped putting things away I smelt every little thing. My family laughed. ‘Revita is smelling things again!’

Of all the many beautiful Jo Malone colognes, this is my favourite but it has taken me 4 years to finally have the scent in my collection! I remember when I experienced this scent. I went to the Brighton Jo Malone boutique and my husband bought me Pear and Freesia cologne as a present. In the shop when he was wrapping it up he sprayed the wrapping paper with a scent before putting it into the gift bag. When I came home and unwrapped I was struck by the beautiful scent. The combination was intoxicating and I had to know what it was. Next time I went into the shop and recognised the scent straight away: It was Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

The combination of the citrus and basil is simply amazing. It gives freshness and a slight sweetness and with added edge of pepper. I remember when you rub fresh basil into your hands, it is a powerful smell but beautiful. The mandarin and the lime gives freshness and are the main notes. The warmth comes from amber

It is a beautiful, individual scent. The ingredients shouldn’t work together but is so well blended it’s almost magic! It is a unique scent, of all the perfumes I know I can recognise immediately if anyone is wearing it, I can smell it from a distance. It truly is her signature scent and a modern classic.


On My Nails- BarryM ‘Supersonic’.

Hi Everybody,

Hope everybody had a wonderful St Valentine’s day and you were spoiled by your loved ones!

I do like BarryM nail vanishes, I always find them great value,  a wonderful range of colours and very good quality. I decided to try from their Speedy Quick Dry range in the colour ‘Supersonic’. Its’ a bright royal blue with purple/pink shimmer.

I applied Mavala base coat and then I applied 2 coats of the colour. You do need to apply a minimum of 2 coats as the first coat is a little sheer but 2 coats is perfect. It dries very quickly and I then Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off.

It did a last a good week on me without major chipping. I was really impressed by the finish and the colour of it. The colour really stands out, it reminded me of the colour the character Sonic the Hedgehog was! Supersonic indeed!!