Jo Malone ‘Lime Basil & Mandarin’ Cologne!

Hi Everybody,

I love scent. Even from childhood, I loved smells. When my parents come home from shopping, I helped putting things away I smelt every little thing. My family laughed. ‘Revita is smelling things again!’

Of all the many beautiful Jo Malone colognes, this is my favourite but it has taken me 4 years to finally have the scent in my collection! I remember when I experienced this scent. I went to the Brighton Jo Malone boutique and my husband bought me Pear and Freesia cologne as a present. In the shop when he was wrapping it up he sprayed the wrapping paper with a scent before putting it into the gift bag. When I came home and unwrapped I was struck by the beautiful scent. The combination was intoxicating and I had to know what it was. Next time I went into the shop and recognised the scent straight away: It was Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

The combination of the citrus and basil is simply amazing. It gives freshness and a slight sweetness and with added edge of pepper. I remember when you rub fresh basil into your hands, it is a powerful smell but beautiful. The mandarin and the lime gives freshness and are the main notes. The warmth comes from amber

It is a beautiful, individual scent. The ingredients shouldn’t work together but is so well blended it’s almost magic! It is a unique scent, of all the perfumes I know I can recognise immediately if anyone is wearing it, I can smell it from a distance. It truly is her signature scent and a modern classic.


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