New Foundations!

Hi Everybody,

Foundations are quite personal to each person. I do love glowing foundations but they are quite difficult to find in the market. Because of this I stick to foundations that I know suit me. Boots No7 and Bourjois seem to look great on my skin so I buy them often.  I do like to try different foundations but I often find the shades difficult that match to my skin tone.

I have been trying to 2 recent foundations onto the market. Rosie for Autograph Amazing Skin Secret Foundation in the shade ‘Nude’ and No7 Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation in ‘Calico’.

The Rosie for Autograph Amazing Skin Secret Foundation in ‘Nude’ is a liquid creamy formula with SPF30 in a frosted glass with a pump action. I like to apply foundation with a brush. It is a lightweight formula with medium coverage and it covers and evens out the skin tone. It leaves a silky, matte finish but it was a little cakey on my skin but it did hold through the day well. They say it leaves a luminous finish but I don’t see that on my skin! It was a good colour match and I liked the fact that it evened out the skin well (still needed to use concealer in small areas) A good affordable foundation but the shade range is quite limited for skin tones.

Boots No7  Aqua Perfect Cushion Foundation in ‘Calico’ is my first cushion foundation and I was quite excited to try it ( I must try the Lancome version!)  It looks like a compact which I really like. It is a liquid foundation with SPF15 with light to medium coverage which you can build up. I tried it with brush and sponge and it works well with both. No7 say that it is infused with purified water that leaves a cooling effect leaving the skin fresh and hydrated which it does! it applies so easily into the skin and evens out skin immediately and leaves the skin radiant. You can’t feel the foundation on the skin that it is so lightweight and I like that. It held all day on my skin without sliding and no cakiness. The formula is wonderful for me, it left a natural look which I like very much. This may be my go to foundation for some time..




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