Kissable Lips!

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone had a happy St Valentine’s day and love is around everyday in your life. Of course you don’t want dry and chapped lips as you want to do lots of kissing but also for everyday life for hydrating your pout!

I have been using 3 new lip products lately and I have been loving them. The first one I have been using is the Nivea Watermelon Shine. I always keep this one in my jacket when I go out with my son. This is made with natural oils. This is in a stick format and it really smells of watermelon. It leaves the lips with a slight tint and I have found that it hydrates the lips and moisturizes them. The formula melts into your lips and it just works perfectly.

The second lip product is Rabot 1745 Peach Chocolat Lip BalmĀ from Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat is a high-street chain of chocolate shops here in the UK. They also sell beauty products and I had to try one of their products. This come in a small, chunky bamboo pot. It is made with almond oil, cacao butter, beeswax and rosemary leaf extract. I leave this on my bedside table and use it before I gone to bed. This one does smell of peaches! It is very hydrating and the lips are nicely moisturized when I use this one. It is a clear balm so it leaves a subtle shine to the lips.

The last one is Lypsyl Luxurious Vanilla comes in a cute compact with a mirror! I have found this to be very handy. The balm is excellent. The lips are nourished and hydrated as it uses Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and shea butter. It is also SPF 15. You can really feel the difference. They have 2 more in the range so I will have to try them too!

They are all lovely products, reasonably priced and my lips are so kissable all year round!