Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue

Hello everybody,

I hope everybody is enjoying the English Summer enjoying the summer fruits and lots of ice cream!

Today I want to write about a beautiful perfume. Versace made their first perfume in 1981 and have created 58 perfumes in total. I have only one perfume in my collection, Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue’.

First to say is the design of the bottle which is inspired by Greek culture. The design is reminiscent of an Amphora. The colour of the bottle is a cobalt blue which echoes the depth of colour of the Mediterranean Sea; strong and mysterious. The gold decoration includes Medusa. To me the bottle reminds me of an old ink bottle! I love the design of it, dramatic and bold.

The first spray hits you with the fruit notes, apples, peaches and blackcurrant to the fore with a hint of clove. The middle notes is when the floral notes come through. Jasmine, rose and patchouli. The dry down is warm, musky and woody.

It is a strong, sensuous perfume, perfect for the mysterious Greek goddess!


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