Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Classique’ Essence de Parfum!

Hi everybody,

In 2016 Jean Paul Gaultier’s reinvented his classic fragrance collection by turning them into a more sophisticated perfume. Naturally he kept the beautiful female torso bottle which is classic design. It only differs to the original fragrance as the breasts are smaller but the hips are slightly more pronounced!

The perfume when you spray has a slightly, warm spicy beginning. Ginger and citrus are the main opening notes. Jasmine and orange comes to the fore in the middle notes. The dry down is when the vanilla takes over with cream and toffee but with floral still in the background. Woody notes are there too which gives the warmth to the perfume. This is a rich, heady perfume perfect for the coming winter but not for the summer as it is too powerful.

This is a intoxicating, sexy, feminine perfume. If you wanted to seduce a man this is the perfume, this is a sex in the bottle perfume! I love it.