Jimmy Choo ‘Blossom’ EDP!

Hi Everybody,

Spring has taken its time after the cold period we have had. The buds and blossom from Magnolia trees are almost out and the spring flowers;tulips, hyacinth and narcissus are in bloom and I love it.

Jimmy Choo ‘Blossom’ is the appropriate spring scent I have been wearing lately. I have to mention the bottle design first. The multi faceted bottle and the diamond cap, together with ombre pink effect has a nice tactile feel and it likes great.

The scent is fruity, sweet and floral.  When you first spray, citrus hits you followed by the raspberries and berries.  The floral comes in later with rose and sweet pie. The dry down you can feel the hint of white musk. It is a nice bouquet of different scents which works nicely without being overpowering.

Like the box it is a pink scent but not to sweet or sugary. Its a modern girly scent who is wearing a sparkly dress with a cocktail in her hand!

Happy Easter everyone!




February Favourites!

Hi Everybody,

I know we are in the middle of March so I’m a bit late for February favourites but I had to share my likes!


Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed is a really nice cream cleanser. I use this as my second cleanser and it leaves my skin refreshed and clean. It’s for normal/combination skin and it doesn’t dry the skin out. It  also has a nice subtle scent and you only need a pea-sized amount. You mix it with water and its enough to cleanses the face and neck. Its great for everyday use and I like it a lot.

OM Skincare Cleanse & Glow Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural made from Kinjac Vegetable fibre. Its perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin. You can use your favourite cleanser on it or you can use it without any cleanser. Its great to detoxify the skin as it unclogs pores or if you have acne problems. You always soak it with warm water to soften it. Using circular movements I apply it the most needed areas to my face where I have problematic areas and to cleanse my face. It is very gentle to use and my skin loves it! I really need to try the sponges in the collection as you need to replace every 2 months.

Dermalogica Age Smart Daily Superfoliant is a powder exfolitant. You mix a little with water and turn it into a paste with your hands and work it into your face. I really like non-abrasive exfolitators like this as it resurfaces the skin and fights the pollution which accelerates skin aging. My skin felt brighter, glowing and smoother. I experienced no breakouts or dryness using this advanced facial exfolitator.

I like Beauty Pie products and the Plantastic Youth Guard Eye Cream has been my eye cream for a few months. It found that it hydrated under my eyes as I experienced some slight dryness. It didn’t irritate me and I think it has helped the early signs of aging. Make sure you read the instructions and you have to pat it around the eye area and not to rub it in!Bargaintastic!!

I was too lazy to make my own lip scrub as I saw the new Barry M Lip Scrubs. They have two flavours in Mint and Mango. I choose the mango flavour and it is a sugary scrub which makes your skin non-drying and smooth. Perfect to prepare before putting on your favourite lipstick.

This is my first try with IT Cosmetic Brow Power in ‘Universal Taupe’. Its a nice, handy brow pencil. It has a pencil at one end and the other end has a brush. The pencil hand is flat so it is easy to fill in the gaps. The shade matches nicely to your brows and I have found that it stayed on throughout the day. It shouldn’t disappoint considering the price!

I purchased NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in ‘Light Vanilla’ as I heard so many good things about it from others reviewers so as my Laura Mercier concealer had finished, I bite the bullet and bought it. It comes in a pot rather than a palette and I only used it to cover imperfections or spots. I have found that this concealer doesn’t dry out the areas you had applied on unlike others I have tried. I was a bit worried about it being a matte finish but I was pleasantly surprised and it looked good and covered the areas well. It held for approximately six hours but you will need to re-apply it if worn all day.

The Body Shop Hawiian Kukui Rich Nurturing Body Cream is from the Spa of the World range.First of all the scent is very sweet and nutty. This is a very rich cream so perfect for those with dry skin. Its a fabulous, luxurious  moisturizing cream to restore your skin’s suppleness and hydration. My skin felt great after using it.

The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Yogurt smells delicious with the apricot and honey scent. Its a lightweight cream which nourishes and moisturises for up to 48 hours. It absorbs easily into the skin quickly and it didn’t leaves any stickiness, much to my husband’s approval! A great body care choice and reasonably priced!






Tony Moly ‘I’m Real’ Sheet Masks!

Hi Everybody,

Sheet masks is a craze from South Korea that has captured the minds of the beauty world. Most beauty brands are creating their own range of sheet masks making it easily available to us beauty lovers. Its never been easier now to enjoy the benefits of sheet masks.

I have wanted to try Tony Moly products for a long time and I was lucky to find 3 sheet masks from the ‘I’m Real’ range from TK Maxx to try. I picked up the Pomegranate elasticity which is for firming up the skin. The Makgeolli skin purifying to make uneven skin radiant and glowing and the Aloe moisturizing to moisturize dry skin.

The first one I tried was the Makgeolli mask.  Makegeolli is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. You place the mask on clean cleansed skin and hold it for 20-30 minutes. The mask has a white,milky consistency and you don’t wash your face afterwards, you just massage the residue in. I did see a difference immediately, my skin brightened and a glowing radiance. It would be great for these who have dull, sullen skin and I believe it will be a huge difference to them. The Aloe mask is a runny consistency, it was running down my neck. It felt like you were putting slices of Aloe on your face! It really moisturized my skin, it felt hydrated and soft. I didn’t suffer any breakouts from it. The Pomegranate mask made my nose happy! It smelt wonderful. The product was excellent too. My foreheads lines looked minimalized when I looked in the mirror and my skin looked plumper, even and brighter.

I have to say I was won over by these Tony Moly masks. The Koreans really know how to make great products and  wonderful value for money on products that really work.





Jo Malone ‘Lime Basil & Mandarin’ Cologne!

Hi Everybody,

I love scent. Even from childhood, I loved smells. When my parents come home from shopping, I helped putting things away I smelt every little thing. My family laughed. ‘Revita is smelling things again!’

Of all the many beautiful Jo Malone colognes, this is my favourite but it has taken me 4 years to finally have the scent in my collection! I remember when I experienced this scent. I went to the Brighton Jo Malone boutique and my husband bought me Pear and Freesia cologne as a present. In the shop when he was wrapping it up he sprayed the wrapping paper with a scent before putting it into the gift bag. When I came home and unwrapped I was struck by the beautiful scent. The combination was intoxicating and I had to know what it was. Next time I went into the shop and recognised the scent straight away: It was Lime, Basil & Mandarin.

The combination of the citrus and basil is simply amazing. It gives freshness and a slight sweetness and with added edge of pepper. I remember when you rub fresh basil into your hands, it is a powerful smell but beautiful. The mandarin and the lime gives freshness and are the main notes. The warmth comes from amber

It is a beautiful, individual scent. The ingredients shouldn’t work together but is so well blended it’s almost magic! It is a unique scent, of all the perfumes I know I can recognise immediately if anyone is wearing it, I can smell it from a distance. It truly is her signature scent and a modern classic.


On My Nails- BarryM ‘Supersonic’.

Hi Everybody,

Hope everybody had a wonderful St Valentine’s day and you were spoiled by your loved ones!

I do like BarryM nail vanishes, I always find them great value,  a wonderful range of colours and very good quality. I decided to try from their Speedy Quick Dry range in the colour ‘Supersonic’. Its’ a bright royal blue with purple/pink shimmer.

I applied Mavala base coat and then I applied 2 coats of the colour. You do need to apply a minimum of 2 coats as the first coat is a little sheer but 2 coats is perfect. It dries very quickly and I then Sally Hansen top coat to finish it off.

It did a last a good week on me without major chipping. I was really impressed by the finish and the colour of it. The colour really stands out, it reminded me of the colour the character Sonic the Hedgehog was! Supersonic indeed!!




Mascaras of 2017!

Hi Everybody,

This is my third post on Mascaras which shows the importance of them to me! Every year there is always something new in Mascaras. A new brand, a new ‘improved’ version.

One thing I have learned about mascaras is that I never go by first impressions. I always give them a good trial to see if they work. One thing I dislike about certain blogs is that they try them once and say ‘it’s no good’, ‘it doesn’t do what they say’. You can’t do that. Mascaras need to be used for a good week before you can come up with a opinion.

These are the six I tried in 2017.

Maybelline ‘The Falsies Push up Drama Mascara’ has a rubbery brush with small bristles. It gave good depth and volume and opened the eyes OK. It was clumpy on the lashes so I did have to work quickly with it.

Max Factor ‘False Lash Epic’ Mascara has a very disappointing brush which I didn’t like at all. Plasticky and a prickly ball at the end. If you are not careful you could prick your eye out! It separated and elongated the lashes OK but I did find that at the end of the day, I had dark eyes underneath.

Revlon ‘Volume+Length Magnified’ Mascara has a bristle brush which was very good. The formula is thicker than the Maybelline or Max Factor mascaras.  I did have a little smudge under the eyes but I really liked the volume and length from this mascara. This was my first Revlon mascara from the new range and I have to say I was quite impressed and I will have to look at the other mascaras from their range.

Beauty Pie ‘Uber Volume Boost’ Mascara has a small curved bristle brush. It gave good volume and length to the lashes. It grabbed the lashes well and only gave a slight smudge to the eyes at the end of the day. A good everyday budget option.

Beauty Pie ‘Uber Curl Drama’ Mascara has a small curved bristle brush. I found this to be a perfect size to use on the eyes. Not to big as some can be. It really settled the curl and lasted very well throughout the day. At the members prices I don’t think you can go wrong with either of the Beauty Pie mascaras.

Smashbox ‘Full Exposure’ Mascara has a large, almost too large, bristle brush. I wasn’t sure about this mascara. I used it for longer than normal and found you had to work carefully as you can easily smudge the upper lid! With technique it really gave depth and volume to the lashes. I have never tried Smashbox mascaras and this was a great one to start with.

New year and new mascaras started already!


Beauty Books Part 3!

Hi Everybody,

I always love reading books, especially beauty related books! I haven’t posted any book reviews since April so I needed to post my thoughts on them! Here are two books I have read recently.

I was really excited when I saw Bobbi Brown’s new book, ‘Beauty From The Inside Out’ was coming out. I love her books, her knowledge and passion is infectious. Her new book reveals the secrets to radiant beauty . It doesn’t just cover makeup or skin but also food, exercise, confidence and your wellbeing. It’s more of a lifestyle guide with her thoughts on life but it also asks various experts on different subjects their views.  Its about being beautiful and happy on the inside as well as the outside. It’s a well written, easy to understand read and I keep coming back to this for ideas and inspiration.

Dr Trevor Cates Clean Skin from Within presents guidelines and recipes to transform your skin from the inside out. First of all, she is a spa doctor that she writes about the difference between being a Spa Doctor and a Dermatologist!She explains the why of what’s happening to our skin and how we can change it by eating a balance diet. What you put into your gut can affect your skin.  The book has two major chapters. The first part is about the approach to the skin and the second part is the two week plan. You do have to be willing and have a lot of determination and strength of character to do the program. This is a very interesting book with a different approach to your skin’s wellbeing. If you are concerned about your skin and are willing to do the program, I think this book is a great resource to learn from by a leading expert in the field.