Escada ‘Fiesta Carioca’ EDT!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted as I have been busy but now I’m back to writing about beauty and perfumes!

Escada Fiesta Carioca is the summer fragrance for 2017 and celebrates 25 years of summer editions from them. This new fragrance is designed as a’cocktail of passion’inspired by exotic fruit and flowers. The packaging is typical Escada for the summer editions: fun, colourful and joyful. You want to have a fiesta and a bit of boogie dance!

The scent is a sweet, fruity cocktail of raspberries and passion fruit. The floral heart is jasmine, violets and orange blossom and I can also feel the vanilla, cedar wood and a hint of musk which gives warmth to the fragrance. People do say it is doesn’t last but I think for summer you don’t want anything too heavy and I can still feel this on my clothes or scarf the next day.

I love the summer editions from Escada. They are fun, flirty and girly fragrances. It gives you the feeling of happiness when you go on holiday..

Looking forward to another 25 years of summer editions..



Escada Agua Del Sol EDT.



Every year Escada bring out a new limited edition EDT for the summer. It follows a pattern: Exotic name, fun and colourful packaging and a floral, sweet scent! Of course I always look forward to smelling it!

This years product is called Agua Del Sol and it doesn’t disappoint. Escada always bring a perfume, that no matter how bad the weather and how you might feel, that cheers you and lifts the mood. You can look forward to the summer, think of holidays and the feeling of happiness.

The packaging is superb as always, fun and flirty in fact. Summer in a bottle in fact you could say.

I love the fruitiness and floral scent of it. They are like twins, they are perfect together.The fruit notes has raspberry, pineapple, pear and mandarin. Sorbet and ice-cream is there of course. Although it is a very fruity scent, it is not sickly or overpowering.  The middle notes has rose with a hint of apricot. The base notes has tonka bean which gives warmth and white musk. Longevity is good, sprayed it one day and I could smell it the next day so that is good.

Escada Agua Del Sol captures summer and holiday in a bottle perfectly. I love it!


Escada ‘Turquoise Summer’ EDT Review.


Hi Everybody,

You know when summer is close to us when Escada bring out their usual limited edition summer fragrance. They are usually Eau du Toilette so not sickly or overpowering, perfect for the hot summers, well maybe not here in England!

This edition is inspired by the serene atmosphere of summer, vivid orchards and butterflies. This is quite a light, subtle floral fruity fragrance from Escada. The fruity notes are a cocktail of berries – strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. The red fruits give way to peaches and then it settles to a creamy vanilla and a hint of sandlewood.  A very pleasant scent, so summery and like others from Escada it lasts a long time with only a quick squirt.

I always look forward to what Escada create for their summer editions, how they come up with something different but still summery.