Beauty Pie!

Hi Everybody,

A lot of talk was generated about Beauty Pie when it was launched earlier this year. Could a company rely on its products to be as good as the big names of the make up industry for a fraction of the price and without the label? We all love the prestige and the status of labels but could it alter our way of buying? I am not a big fan of buying make up online as I love to visit shops and testing them there and then!

Beauty Pie is about offering ‘factory prices’ for make up at a fraction of the mark up price. To benefit from the ‘factory prices’ you need to join from £10 per month or you can buy at the full price. You can shop for up to £100 worth of makeup and skincare each month, up to your yearly limit. The value of the products you can buy every month is called your shopping allowance.

After much choosing and debating I finally purchased several items. The packaging is simple.  Black plastic but the quality is adequate as you would find with any products in Boots. But it is not about packaging but how good are the products?

From top: lipstick, blush, eyebrow pencil & highlighter

I bought Smart Powder Blush in ‘Daydreamer’ which is a peachy pink tone with slight shimmer. It lasted all day and is a beautiful colour. There is a good amount of blush and I love the fact it had a mirror and the whole thing is nicely compact.

Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer in ‘Golden Swirl’ is a beautiful golden highlighter and you can use it to multi task as well as you can use it as an eye shadow. I find it lasted very well and I like that it is a subtle colour without the chunky glitter. I was really impressed by this.

 The Super Brow Precision Pencil ‘Perfect Brown’ was a risky buy as I wasn’t sure if the colour would match. Other pencils I have tried gave a crumbly effect which I found annoying. This however looked great and the colour was a perfect match. The point is so tiny you can fill all the gaps and draw the line more precisely. On the end there is a tiny brush to brush the eyebrows which is very handy.

Lipsticks are so tricky to buy online because the colour isn’t exactly the same as when viewed on the internet. Futurelipstick satin lipstick in the colour ‘Puff of Pink’ is a bit darker as shown on the website. It did last all day even when I had lunch, I barely had to retouch it. It didn’t dry my lips or left any white residue on them and  it didn’t even crumble either. There is a little less product compared to some of my other lipsticks..

Uber Volume Boost Mascara in ‘Jet Black’  has a lovely small curved bristle brush which is good to use and is a good size. Other mascaras I have used  is that when you open a fresh mascara I have found it to be wet and doesn’t do what it should straight away! This one was good to use from the first application. It grabs the eye lashes easily and lengthens and separates them well with a slight volume but you have to build it up to get the volume. So far it hasn’t smudged the eyes when used throughout the day but I still need to give it a longer test to be sure.

My thoughts on Beauty Pie? So far I have been happy with the products and have been impressed by the quality of them. I will be happy to experiment more with other products from Beauty Pie and I am looking forward to trying more make up and the new skincare range. So far so good, Beauty Pie…