Escada ‘Fiesta Carioca’ EDT!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted as I have been busy but now I’m back to writing about beauty and perfumes!

Escada Fiesta Carioca is the summer fragrance for 2017 and celebrates 25 years of summer editions from them. This new fragrance is designed as a’cocktail of passion’inspired by exotic fruit and flowers. The packaging is typical Escada for the summer editions: fun, colourful and joyful. You want to have a fiesta and a bit of boogie dance!

The scent is a sweet, fruity cocktail of raspberries and passion fruit. The floral heart is jasmine, violets and orange blossom and I can also feel the vanilla, cedar wood and a hint of musk which gives warmth to the fragrance. People do say it is doesn’t last but I think for summer you don’t want anything too heavy and I can still feel this on my clothes or scarf the next day.

I love the summer editions from Escada. They are fun, flirty and girly fragrances. It gives you the feeling of happiness when you go on holiday..

Looking forward to another 25 years of summer editions..


Lancome ‘Miracle’ EDP!

Hi Everybody,

Another perfume from my collection..

Lancome Miracle was released in 2000 and was created by Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas.  The bottle design is a very simple slim minimalist design. No eye-catching design for this perfume!

The perfume itself is a modern fresh perfume. The opening is a fruity-floral  start from litchi and freesias. The middle is a nice citrus burst of mandarin orange with a slight peppery feel and the fresh zing of ginger.  The dry down is a more subtle feel of floral with the magnolia and jasmine. In the end comes the warmth of musk and amber. It is a beautiful bouquet of scent, not overpowering or too light. Although other reviewers have said it doesn’t last long on them, I have found that it lasts all day on me.

This is a lovely, soft feminine fragrance perfect for the spring and summer.


Moschino Cheap and Chic ‘ChicPetals’ EDT!

Hi Everybody,

I am passionate about fragrance. I never took my notice of Moschino perfumes until the day I walked past a display of them and tested them and liked the fresh, fruity floral scent. Perfect for the spring season I thought.

Moschino ChicPetals was brought out in 2013, the bottle is inspired by the Popeye’s fickle girlfriend, Olive Oyl. It is a long, elongated bottle half see through and half a floral top. The heart shaped collar is finished by the cap that is Olive’s head! Its cute and fun!

The scent is a fruity opening with wild strawberry at the beginning. The floral is the middle part of the perfume, orchid, lily and gardenia. The dry down I do feel musk and woodiness which gives a nice warmth to the perfume. It all comes together to make a nice composition of the three factors.For a EDT, it does last well but it is not heady if you want to top-up during the day.

I like this perfume, it’s nice to have in the collection and the bottle design is different and quirky.


Cacharel Amor Amor EDT!


Hi Everybody,

Cacharel Amor Amor has always been a popular scent since it was released in 2o03. I go into the shops and always saw this perfume but never managed to try it. But one day my work colleague BB sprayed herself at work with it and I asked if I could smell it. I am always interested in what other women use and what they like in a perfume. She sprayed my wrist and all day I was intoxicated by it and I had to have it!

First thing you notice is the dome shaped bottle with no cap. It is a red coloured bottle and when you look through it, you will see a rose emblem in it. I like that little touch.

The scent when you first spray it, you are hit with zesty fruitness. Grapefruit, orange, lime and mandarin and a hint of blackcurrant for sweetness. The dry down is when floral takes over from the fruit. Rose, lily, jasmine and lily of the valley come to the fore. I can also feel the warmth coming through from the vanilla and musk. For a Eau de Toilette, the longevity is amazing, a small spray lasts me all day.

It is often on sale for a very reasonable price in the shops but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is another cheap, floral, fruity scent. It isn’t. This beautiful perfume is a modern classic and it can be worn by any age as it is a warm, cosy loving scent..After it is called Amor, Amor so go out a buy a bottle!




Serge Lutens ‘Nuit de Cellophane’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

Serge Lutens is a multi-talented artist whose work encompasses fashion, hair,  photography, make-up and perfume.  He is strongly associated with Shiseido, having been hired by them in 1980 to develop their image. He not only designed the cosmetics and packaging but he also photographed the award-winning advertisements. He has his own line of make up but unfortunately it is not available in the UK.  His earliest perfume was in 1991 and since then he has developed over 70 fragrances.

I only have one bottle of his perfume, Nuit de Cellophane. The bottle design is a simple rectangle shape, long and sleek. The label is an old fashioned paper label with a long cap. Unusually for a fragrance the atomiser is not sealed into the bottle. It is in the box, ready for you to attach it yourself.

The scent is beautiful summer flower bouquet. The opening is mandarin orange, jasmine, carnations, lilies and Osmanthus. The dry down has more fruitness coming through and a touch of sweetness from almond and honey. I also feel a hint of muskiness to it which is not overbearing at all. On me perfumes last long and this one is no different.

I like this perfume, it is a modern, floral fragrance, distinctive and unusually. Other Serge Lutens perfumes are heavier, spicy and smoky. This perfume has a much more wearable than those so this scent will appeal to all woman who want something different to the mainstream perfumes out there.


Nina Ricci ‘Ricci Ricci’ EDP!


Hi Everybody,

This perfume has a personal significance for me.  In 2009, with my first pay cheque working in the UK I went to Debenhams to treat myself with a new perfume as I didn’t have any. I smelt a lot of perfumes that day but the two perfumes that stood out were the recently released Nina Ricci  ‘Ricci Ricci’ and Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret. I choose this one.

The perfume bottle is a pretty purple shade with a beautiful bow cap. It’s so feminine and pretty. The scent is in my view,memorable and unusual. The beginning you can feel the bergamot with the first spray.  Sweet, fruity, floral begins to impose as you can feel the bergamot, patchouli and rose. There is rhubarb which gives the sweet and sharpness and sandalwood for a touch of warmth. It lasts all day and I still can smell it next day on me.

I love this scent, the combination of rhubarb and floral makes it so unusual and distinctive. It is a feminine and classy perfume. This is my second bottle of it.

A couple of days afterwards I did purchase Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret but that is a different story….I find my love…


Lancome Tresor ‘Midnight Rose’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

I do have a soft scent for Lancome products since I came to live in the UK. My husband bought me my first Lancome Beauty Box for Christmas, I have loved their products and their perfumes ever since. I now own 3 perfumes from Lancome.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose is a perfume for the autumn/ winter time but I do occasionally wear it in the summer. The scent is a heady mixture of berries, particular blackcurrents and raspberries and soft floral notes. There is also a nice blend of slight woodiness to it.

My bottle is a beautiful shape with an ombre effect to the bottle. The fabric purple rose is a lovely touch to the design of the bottle. The colour is perfect.  If you had to describe the fragrance as a colour, it would be the deep purple. I think 20s upwards could wear this scent, it is a mixture of sophistication, feminine and mystery. 1 or 2 sprays is enough and it lasts all day.

You can wear this in the daytime or as an evening scent.  Suit or silk, either is perfect with this scent..