Narciso Rodriguez For Her L’Absolu EDP!


Hi Everybody,

I went to Boots to have a look around the make up and perfumes. Normally they have a special offers shelf of perfumes. I always look but I spotted something that I have never tried or seen before. Narciso Rodriguez for her L’Absolu. I had seen other perfumes from his range but not this one.

The deep purple bottle is immediately striking. It’s simple, elegant and classy.

The scent is intoxicating to me. White floral of tuberose and jasmine hits with the first spray and I can also feel a fruity touch too. The dry down is when the musky comes into play. Patchouli, amber and the sandalwood give warmth and depth to the scent.

The purple bottle describes the colour of the perfume perfectly in my view. It feels you are sipping a expensive red wine! So rich and satisfying.

This is an expensive, sexy ,addictive and even flirty perfume , perfect for a night out with your man!



Mary Greenwell ‘Plum’ EDP.

Hi Everybody,

We all know that Mary Greenwell is one of the great make up artists and of course she loves perfume!

Plum was created in 2010 with Francois Robert and was her first scent on the market. I have reviewed my first Mary Greenwell perfume, Cherry which my husband bought as a wedding anniversary present. My mum share a love for Mary’s perfumes. We both have the same fragrances: Cherry and Plum. Mum also has Lemon in her collection.

The perfume share the same bottle design. Clean, elegant and classic. The metal top is so heavy, I think it could work as a paperweight or door stop! I love it. The packaging is of nice quality. No flimsy boxes here. Other markers should take note..

The opening notes is citrus, bergamot and lemon are there. A sweet touch of peach and a hint of blackcurrant and plum in the background. Don’t think it is just another citrus /fruity perfume. The middle notes is white floral with  jasmine, gardenia and tuberose in abundance. This lovely scent is heightened by the warmness of amber and sandalwood. The hint of patchouli, musk and moss give depth to the perfume.

It is a beautiful perfume in my view. It is an individual perfume. It is not an old fashioned scent, it is an classic exotic, sexy perfume for all women.



Chanel No5 L’Eau EDT!

Hi Everybody,

This new fragrance in the legendary No 5 line was launched in the fall of Autumn 2016 and created by Olivier Polge, son of the former Chanel house perfumer, Jacques Polge. It follows N0 5, and No 5 Eau Premiere.

I remember going to a Perfume Society ‘How to Improve Your Sense of Smell’ event in Brighton and a large bottle of the perfume was passed around the table and I knew I had to have it! The original No 5 is quite strong and heady and even though it is arguably the most influential perfume ever made, it is not on my dressing table. The appeal of L’Eau is that it is a softer, No5 for these who find No 5 too strong.

The first spray of L’Eau is a burst of citrus fruits,  lemon, mandarin, and orange. Neroli and aldehydes are also prominent with the first spray. It relaxes into a jasmine, white flower and rose scent but the warmth of musk, cedar and vanilla combines with them as well.

No 5 L’Eau is a perfect summer scent, perfect for day or night. It isn’t edgy or old fashioned, it is a modern, softer take on a classic perfume that won’t become outdated in the years to come. Chanel have being clever in being respectful to the original (the bottle design is the same) without losing the essence of No 5. I love it!





Escada ‘Fiesta Carioca’ EDT!

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted as I have been busy but now I’m back to writing about beauty and perfumes!

Escada Fiesta Carioca is the summer fragrance for 2017 and celebrates 25 years of summer editions from them. This new fragrance is designed as a’cocktail of passion’inspired by exotic fruit and flowers. The packaging is typical Escada for the summer editions: fun, colourful and joyful. You want to have a fiesta and a bit of boogie dance!

The scent is a sweet, fruity cocktail of raspberries and passion fruit. The floral heart is jasmine, violets and orange blossom and I can also feel the vanilla, cedar wood and a hint of musk which gives warmth to the fragrance. People do say it is doesn’t last but I think for summer you don’t want anything too heavy and I can still feel this on my clothes or scarf the next day.

I love the summer editions from Escada. They are fun, flirty and girly fragrances. It gives you the feeling of happiness when you go on holiday..

Looking forward to another 25 years of summer editions..


Lancome ‘Miracle’ EDP!

Hi Everybody,

Another perfume from my collection..

Lancome Miracle was released in 2000 and was created by Harry Fremont and Alberto Morillas.  The bottle design is a very simple slim minimalist design. No eye-catching design for this perfume!

The perfume itself is a modern fresh perfume. The opening is a fruity-floral  start from litchi and freesias. The middle is a nice citrus burst of mandarin orange with a slight peppery feel and the fresh zing of ginger.  The dry down is a more subtle feel of floral with the magnolia and jasmine. In the end comes the warmth of musk and amber. It is a beautiful bouquet of scent, not overpowering or too light. Although other reviewers have said it doesn’t last long on them, I have found that it lasts all day on me.

This is a lovely, soft feminine fragrance perfect for the spring and summer.


Moschino Cheap and Chic ‘ChicPetals’ EDT!

Hi Everybody,

I am passionate about fragrance. I never took my notice of Moschino perfumes until the day I walked past a display of them and tested them and liked the fresh, fruity floral scent. Perfect for the spring season I thought.

Moschino ChicPetals was brought out in 2013, the bottle is inspired by the Popeye’s fickle girlfriend, Olive Oyl. It is a long, elongated bottle half see through and half a floral top. The heart shaped collar is finished by the cap that is Olive’s head! Its cute and fun!

The scent is a fruity opening with wild strawberry at the beginning. The floral is the middle part of the perfume, orchid, lily and gardenia. The dry down I do feel musk and woodiness which gives a nice warmth to the perfume. It all comes together to make a nice composition of the three factors.For a EDT, it does last well but it is not heady if you want to top-up during the day.

I like this perfume, it’s nice to have in the collection and the bottle design is different and quirky.


Cacharel Amor Amor EDT!


Hi Everybody,

Cacharel Amor Amor has always been a popular scent since it was released in 2o03. I go into the shops and always saw this perfume but never managed to try it. But one day my work colleague BB sprayed herself at work with it and I asked if I could smell it. I am always interested in what other women use and what they like in a perfume. She sprayed my wrist and all day I was intoxicated by it and I had to have it!

First thing you notice is the dome shaped bottle with no cap. It is a red coloured bottle and when you look through it, you will see a rose emblem in it. I like that little touch.

The scent when you first spray it, you are hit with zesty fruitness. Grapefruit, orange, lime and mandarin and a hint of blackcurrant for sweetness. The dry down is when floral takes over from the fruit. Rose, lily, jasmine and lily of the valley come to the fore. I can also feel the warmth coming through from the vanilla and musk. For a Eau de Toilette, the longevity is amazing, a small spray lasts me all day.

It is often on sale for a very reasonable price in the shops but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is another cheap, floral, fruity scent. It isn’t. This beautiful perfume is a modern classic and it can be worn by any age as it is a warm, cosy loving scent..After it is called Amor, Amor so go out a buy a bottle!