Givenchy L’Interdit EDP!

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone is well and keeping safe as we adjust our lives to this awful virus. We must try to keep positive and remember to enjoy our lives and what we hold dear.

I have had this particular perfume sitting on my shelf for quite a while so I decided to give it some love and talk about it. This is my second Givenchy perfume after my beloved Angel and Demon Les Secret which is now sadly discontinued.

L’Interdit was first introduced in 1957 and was dedicated to Audrey Hepburn. The modern version, I am reviewing, came out in 2018. The thick glass bottle pays homage to the original version with a more modern outline with the modern 4G outline added to the black ribbon around the neck. I do love to know the background which inspires the designers when creating a fragrance.

The beginning is very fresh and sweet. The distinctive opening has pears and peaches. The middle notes is when the floral interplays with the fruitness, jasmine, vanilla and tuberose come to the fore. The dry down is when the patchouli and vetiver appear with musk in the background..

If there is one word which could describe this perfume it would be sophisticated. This is a chic, modern perfume perfect for all times of the year as it is neither too heady or overbearing to me. This perfume is perfect for spring..


YSL ‘Mon Paris’ EDP.

Hi Everyone!

This is my second fragrance from YSL, Mon Paris translates into English as ‘My Paris’. I have visited Paris and loved it so much, particular the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe (especially when you visit the top of both!)and of course Notre Dame.

This perfume was launched in mid 2016. The bottle is a sweet faceted design with a final touch of a cute black bow with the mark of YSL.

The perfume is a fruity and floral bouquet. Think of putting your head in a bowl of fruit and flowers and the scent is just like that, its an explosion of sweet and delicious. Raspberries, strawberries and pears are the fruity element while bergamot, jasmine and peony give the floral part.

The dry down becomes musky and patchouli comes to the fore and also a slight woodiness in the background.

I have found this to be long lasting on me and I can wear it day or night and its not heady at all, it feels like you are wrapped by scented clouds . Any age can wear this, it has a timeless quality to it just like the city itself..


Burberry ‘Her’ EDP!

Hi Everybody,

Three weeks to Christmas and I can’t believe the year has flown by. It just shows you have to enjoy every moment in this world..

This is the first Burberry perfume of my collection. When I tried it in a shop when it came out last October I knew it was my type of fragrance.

The bottle is a simple, minimalist even bottle. It looks like a flask which would contain whisky! The packaging is a simple slide out pressed cupboard box.

The scent is a sweet floral fragrance. Imagine a slender glass filled with the sweetest strawberries, raspberries and cherries filled with prosecco and topped with whipped cream and you floating in it. That’s what the scent is too me! Citrus notes are there to balance the sweetness.I feel the middle notes of jasmine and violet. In the dry down the vanilla gives the warmth and headiness. Patchouli and musk are in the background to fuse all the parts together. This is a distinctive, rich perfume and the longevity is outstanding, one little spray is more than enough to last the day.

This is an uplifting perfume to me. It is a sweet fest which I will happily wear in the summer or winter come rain or shine!


Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Classique’ Essence de Parfum!

Hi everybody,

In 2016 Jean Paul Gaultier’s reinvented his classic fragrance collection by turning them into a more sophisticated perfume. Naturally he kept the beautiful female torso bottle which is classic design. It only differs to the original fragrance as the breasts are smaller but the hips are slightly more pronounced!

The perfume when you spray has a slightly, warm spicy beginning. Ginger and citrus are the main opening notes. Jasmine and orange comes to the fore in the middle notes. The dry down is when the vanilla takes over with cream and toffee but with floral still in the background. Woody notes are there too which gives the warmth to the perfume. This is a rich, heady perfume perfect for the coming winter but not for the summer as it is too powerful.

This is a intoxicating, sexy, feminine perfume. If you wanted to seduce a man this is the perfume, this is a sex in the bottle perfume! I love it.


Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue

Hello everybody,

I hope everybody is enjoying the English Summer enjoying the summer fruits and lots of ice cream!

Today I want to write about a beautiful perfume. Versace made their first perfume in 1981 and have created 58 perfumes in total. I have only one perfume in my collection, Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue’.

First to say is the design of the bottle which is inspired by Greek culture. The design is reminiscent of an Amphora. The colour of the bottle is a cobalt blue which echoes the depth of colour of the Mediterranean Sea; strong and mysterious. The gold decoration includes Medusa. To me the bottle reminds me of an old ink bottle! I love the design of it, dramatic and bold.

The first spray hits you with the fruit notes, apples, peaches and blackcurrant to the fore with a hint of clove. The middle notes is when the floral notes come through. Jasmine, rose and patchouli. The dry down is warm, musky and woody.

It is a strong, sensuous perfume, perfect for the mysterious Greek goddess!


Kenzo ‘Wild’ EDT!

Hello Everybody,

I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and had lots of chocolate wherever you were. The weather was gorgeous here in the UK so I hope you enjoyed it too!

Kenzo Wild was a 2015 limited release and only sold in certain international airports. You wouldn’t have found it everywhere. This is my second Kenzo perfume.

The box is very distinctive in style, it looks like a pink and blue jungle. The bottle is a simple rectangle shape with a pink bottom and acrylic-look flower cap.

The beginning of the scent is a fresh citrus with a heavy pink grapefruit and a touch of lemon. The middle is orange blossom and peony. The dry down is when the woodiness and musk come to the fore but it keeps the orange without been overpowering. For a EDT I have found that I can still feel it but you still need a ‘top-up’ spray now and again.

Kenzo Wild is an everyday fragrance for the hot, steamy, sticky summer days that are just around the corner. I have no rules in my fragrance wardrobe, I wear what I like when I like!


Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Covet’ EDP!

Hello Everybody,

Sarah Jessica Parker has a love affair: Its not shoes but fragrance. In her life and travels she has sought scents and smells, bringing home oils and perfumes that have inspired her to create her own scents.

“One of the first things I bought as a young adult who was earning my own money was a fragrance.”

This quote reminds me of what I first did when I came to Great Britain. With my first pay I went out and bought Nina Ricci ‘Ricci Ricci’. My love affair with perfume had started.

I bought Covet because I loved the TV advertisement. SJP sees a bottle of Covet perfume and kicks the window in with her Christian Louboutin heels and before she can pick the bottle up she is arrested by the police shouting ‘I had to have it! I love it.

Covet was brought out in 2007, 2 years after her first perfume, Lovely. The bottle is a heavy short square shape with a plastic flower top. I also like her initials SJP on the atomiser.

The first hit is the green and citrus with white flower giving a sharp and spicy scent and a hint of dark chocolate. It is slightly sweet but not overbearing. It is a quite complicated scent to appreciate as there is so many things going on with it. The dry down is a little more conventional as the amber and musk took over with the subtle warmth of wood in the background. I have found it lasts on me for a good few hours as per usual with my perfumes.

This is a soft, subtle, distinctive and grown up fragrance. It could almost be Parisian with a modern American twist to it.


YSL ‘Black Opium’ EDP!


Hi Everybody,

Summer is stepping away and Autumn is nearly upon us. Some people like to change their fragrances according to the changing of the seasons.  I wear heavy, heady fragrances in the cooler months because you can notice them more but not in the summer as they can be too overpowering and you won’t be able to feel the different notes which makes fragrances so interesting.

One fragrance that I will be looking forward to wear in the Autumn is YSL Black Opium. I have to mention the bottle design first. It looks like a hip flask with the open glass middle. The texture of the bottle is like glitter all over the bottle, so tactile.

The opening is creamy, warm and sweet with a hint of vanilla. The dry down is full of coffee, musk and a hint of floral, particular jasmine. Later the vanilla is still there but woodiness is there too.

This fragrance can be worn in the chilly days or a warm summer evening. You can rock this fragrance in a leather jacket and jeans but it is also sophisticated  enough to be worn with a sleek sexy dress. It is a beautiful fragrance.




Escada ‘Sorbetto Rosso’ EDT!

Hi everybody,

Its the summer so there must be a new Escada limited edition EDT for me to buy!

This new EDT has the Italian coast as its inspiration to Escada. Of course it has the classic Escada packaging that to me sums up the summer. The bottle is  long and shapely and the packaging has the fun, bright summer feel to it as always. I love it.

The first spray is sweet, fruity composition. The middle notes are fresh,juicy with watermelon at the fore. Strawberries is also there to give sweetness to the fragrance.The dry down is musky with a nutty feel to it.

This is a girly, flirty fragrance for the summer. When I wear this, I think of the sizzling sun, the sand between the toes and the shimmering turquoise water walking along a beach wearing a floating dress!



Elizabeth Arden Green Tea & Honeysuckle EDT!

Hi Everybody,

You can tell summer is nearly with us. The trees are greener, the sun is warmer and the mood is happier!

Eau de Toilettes are perfect for the summer, light and not so heady compared to some perfumes. Elizabeth Arden have a collection of light, summery EDT scents called the Green Tea collection. The collection now comprises of 20 different scents. This collection should be perfect for me as I love green tea!

I have been using Green Tea & Honeysuckle EDT from the collection. The bottle is a elongated, flat bottle and decorated with flowers. The first spray is full of citrus fruits. Lemons, bergamot, a hint of lime and of course green tea. The dry down is white floral and freshness. Honeysuckle, jasmine, ylang-ylang are the floral highlights with a sweetness of peach. The base notes has a touch of warmth with musk but the one scent you feel throughout is the green tea. It is a EDT so lasting power is good, I can still feel it after a few hours so you can still refresh it with a few more sprays without overpowering or becoming heady.

It is a green scent. This would be a perfect match with a flowery dress for the summer daytime days. I think any age can wear this sweet, soft, summery scent. Go find a bottle and try it!