Prada Candy.


Hi All,

Sorry for being away this month, family and work have taken over this month. I do have a full-time job and time isn’t easy to find!

Today, a perfume review of Prada Candy. I received this from my husband for my birthday and I haven’t used a lot of it as it isn’t a perfume to use in the spring/summer time. It is perfect for the colder months as it is such a warm fragrance. It is a sweet scent with caramel being prominent, but not dominating, and with vanilla there as well. It’s wonderful in cold weather if you are wearing a very soft sweater. It reminds me of the place in Brighton where they make hand made toffee and the sweet smell as you walk by. It warms you and makes you happy.  It is a grown-up perfume, feminine, warm, velvety and luxurious.



Dry Shampoos for Lazy Days!


Hi everybody,

One thing I find time consuming when rushing around is washing my hair. It isn’t dirty but it does need freshen up. You don’t want to wash it every day to avoid damaging it but makers are great at making something that will help your hair to look great without washing. Thankfully we have dry shampoos that gives volume, grease free and make the hair look great between washes. I tested the four products over a period of time to see the difference.

I have tried four different products from various makers, not expensive just good affordable products available on the high street. First up is the Batiste Dry Shampoo ‘floral & flirty Blush’. The product is good but there are better ones out there. You have to be careful to use this quite a distance as it can leave white residue in your hair! If you put too much and massage it into your hair it can leave  it grey looking! It freshens up your hair and gives the hair volume and removes excess grease. The smell is not my favourite though!

Macadamia make lovely masks so I was excited to try their Macadamia  Volumizing Dry Shampoo. It really freshens your hair but it’s more like a hairspray so the hair looks stiff and feels sticky and difficult to style your hair after using it. It is a watery consistency so you do need to wash your hair the next day as it can look awful! Smell is a pleasant feeling like all Macadamia products. Not for me though.

I have always enjoyed Ruth Crilly as the ‘A Model Recommends’. She is fun, funny and entertaining and I would love to meet her. Recently she has launched five dry shampoo products. I picked up ‘ COLAB London Classic Fragrance  Dry Shampoo’  to test. It is invisible and sheer as described. it does boost the hair and removes greasy roots. It really gives a clean, fresh look to the hair.  The smell is gorgeous, feels like a perfume for your hair, not at all overpowering. This is a favourite already.

V05 are a good everyday product. V05 ‘plump it up’dry shampoo. This is for fine, flat or oily hair. I saw this on my Aunt’s bathroom and asked if it was good and she said yes. This is a really good product.  It really freshens, gives volume and easy to style your hair as you want. It banishes greasy roots and your  hair feels good between your next washing.

The two that stand out are the COLAB and the V05, if I had to pick one if I only had to have one on a desert island it would be……