Kissable Lips!

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone had a happy St Valentine’s day and love is around everyday in your life. Of course you don’t want dry and chapped lips as you want to do lots of kissing but also for everyday life for hydrating your pout!

I have been using 3 new lip products lately and I have been loving them. The first one I have been using is the Nivea Watermelon Shine. I always keep this one in my jacket when I go out with my son. This is made with natural oils. This is in a stick format and it really smells of watermelon. It leaves the lips with a slight tint and I have found that it hydrates the lips and moisturizes them. The formula melts into your lips and it just works perfectly.

The second lip product is Rabot 1745 Peach Chocolat Lip Balm from Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat is a high-street chain of chocolate shops here in the UK. They also sell beauty products and I had to try one of their products. This come in a small, chunky bamboo pot. It is made with almond oil, cacao butter, beeswax and rosemary leaf extract. I leave this on my bedside table and use it before I gone to bed. This one does smell of peaches! It is very hydrating and the lips are nicely moisturized when I use this one. It is a clear balm so it leaves a subtle shine to the lips.

The last one is Lypsyl Luxurious Vanilla comes in a cute compact with a mirror! I have found this to be very handy. The balm is excellent. The lips are nourished and hydrated as it uses Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and shea butter. It is also SPF 15. You can really feel the difference. They have 2 more in the range so I will have to try them too!

They are all lovely products, reasonably priced and my lips are so kissable all year round!



Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolour!

Obsession, Devotion and Romance

Hi Everybody,

I love bold, colourful lips. The perfect lipcolour can make a huge difference to your look but also how you feel! When I wear a bright lip look my mood is lifted by it.

I have 3 shades from Revlon’s Ultra HD matte lipcolour:
‘Obsession’ which is a bright fuschia pink. ‘Devotion’ which is a light pink shade. ‘Romance’ which is a bright red shade.

I did have misgivings about the velvet matte finish but I have to say all three shades look fantastic. When you apply they are creamy but they dry to a velvet matte finish. They are long-lasting, non-drying and the colour doesn’t fade. I didn’t have top-up during the day as the colour didn’t fade. I only did give more ooomph to my lips! They are also wax free.

The velvety applicator works a treat as its so easy to apply with it. The pigmentation is excellent and the faint sweet scent is not unpleasant either to me.

Revlon do more shades in this range and I have been impressed by them and I think they are great value at under a tenner each.


D&G L’Imperatrice 3 EDT!

Hi Everyone,

It’s a new year so Happy New Year to everyone!

I bought D&G L’Imperatice 3 last summer as it was a wonderful price in a Boots sale! I often went to Debenhams to sniff it so I often had eyes on it for a long time. My Latvian friend Daina loves this perfume too and she has this on her perfume shelf as well.

D&G introduced this perfume and the collection in 2009 which is the year I came to the UK. Let’s start with the bottle design. It reminds me of my grandfather’s cologne bottles with the rigid black cap. My grandfather liked cologne and I can still see him putting it on himself and he always smelt nice and he was always clean shaven and groomed.

The scent itself starts with a burst of peaches, watermelon and pears. Freshness is there too with a touch of citrus. The dry down is when the jasmine comes into play with musk and sandalwood starting to dominate later on.It has a nice warmth as well. The fragrance is not sickly in my view, perfect for all times of the year but summer is the best to wear it I think. For a EDT, the longevity is excellent.

I will have to buy a long white floaty dress to wear this with a cocktail in my hands sunbathing on a white sandy beach!


Sarah Jessica Parker ‘Covet’ EDP!

Hello Everybody,

Sarah Jessica Parker has a love affair: Its not shoes but fragrance. In her life and travels she has sought scents and smells, bringing home oils and perfumes that have inspired her to create her own scents.

“One of the first things I bought as a young adult who was earning my own money was a fragrance.”

This quote reminds me of what I first did when I came to Great Britain. With my first pay I went out and bought Nina Ricci ‘Ricci Ricci’. My love affair with perfume had started.

I bought Covet because I loved the TV advertisement. SJP sees a bottle of Covet perfume and kicks the window in with her Christian Louboutin heels and before she can pick the bottle up she is arrested by the police shouting ‘I had to have it! I love it.

Covet was brought out in 2007, 2 years after her first perfume, Lovely. The bottle is a heavy short square shape with a plastic flower top. I also like her initials SJP on the atomiser.

The first hit is the green and citrus with white flower giving a sharp and spicy scent and a hint of dark chocolate. It is slightly sweet but not overbearing. It is a quite complicated scent to appreciate as there is so many things going on with it. The dry down is a little more conventional as the amber and musk took over with the subtle warmth of wood in the background. I have found it lasts on me for a good few hours as per usual with my perfumes.

This is a soft, subtle, distinctive and grown up fragrance. It could almost be Parisian with a modern American twist to it.


On My Nails – Barry M Molten Metal ‘Antique Gold’!


Hi Everybody,

It’s the season for dark, bold and glittery nails so Barry M have released a couple of new shades from their Molten Metal collection. I bought the Antique Gold shade which is a gorgeous rich red wine colour with golden shimmer. One thing I always like about Barry M is that the brushes in their nail products are fantastic. They are quite flat and wide so easy to use. The formulas are always great. They are quick to dry and they last on me for a week.

I applied base coat as always and I did my usual 2 coats of nail polish and then applied top coat. The colour is fantastic, the perfect autumnal/winter/festive colour in my view. The only slight downside is that it does take a little longer than usual to remove the polish because of the glitter. Barry M, please make a nail polish remover for your glitter nail polishes!


Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review!

Hello Everybody,

The Golden leaves season is here and the weather is unseasonal warm and just think its only 2 months till Christmas! So lots of lovely beauty and perfume gift sets to enjoy!

Strong eyebrows is still fashionable and going strong so the shops are filled with an array of eyebrow pencils, gels and waxes to fulfill the demand. So my interest was piqued by Maybelline’s Tattoo Brow. The concept is simple. You apply a layer of the gel to the brows, leave it for 20 minutes and then peel off and reveal your newly tinted eyebrows. There are 3 shades and bought the medium brown colour. I applied to my eyebrows with the easy to use wand and waited for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes I peeled off the gel ( my fingers did stain a little) and you can see immediately you have tinted eyebrows. They claim up to three days of holding the colour but on me the next day it faded and turned into a slightly orangey tint and unfortunately I don’t have images of it to show! Maybe it was just me but I have to say I did not have any allergic reaction, redness or swollen eyebrow area from the product.


In my view its great if you are going out and you want good eyebrows and smudge proof look for one day. But I think you need to refresh it and apply the process again. As a professional therapist I did eyebrow tint and you still cannot beat this if you want the perfect eyebrow look to last for a week.  As it is its a great idea for a one day application so you don’t need to fill in your brows with powder or pencil as it’s enough on its own.





No7 ‘Nude to Night’ Palette.

Top six are the eyeshadows followed by the blusher, bronzer & highlighter.


Hi Everybody,

Its a been awhile since I bought any face palettes but a couple of weeks I took advantage of a Boots No7 offer. Buy 2 products and receive a face palette for free. How could I refuse!

The packaging is sleek and simple. A black case with the No7 logo on it. The palette itself contains 6 eye shadows, 1 blusher, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter. There is a fair amount of products and a large mirror is a wonderful bonus. As a wearer of glasses I do appreciate a large mirror and the fact that the hinge goes completely flat makes it so much easier to go closer when you need it.

The eyeshadows are all very wearable with added shimmer to them and the colours are easy to blend. I did find that I had some slight fallout but the pigmentation is very good when building up the colour. I have been wearing the eyeshadows without using other eyeshadows. The Blusher is peachy coloured  with a matte finish. The bronzer has a matte finish with no orange tones. Perfect for me! The highlighter is a champagne shade and is beautiful to use, it stayed on all day until I cleansed my face.

This is a versatile, pretty palette. It is perfect for everyday use or for travel if you need just one palette.  I’m rarely disappointed by No7 products and it is a firm favourite already.