Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue

Hello everybody,

I hope everybody is enjoying the English Summer enjoying the summer fruits and lots of ice cream!

Today I want to write about a beautiful perfume. Versace made their first perfume in 1981 and have created 58 perfumes in total. I have only one perfume in my collection, Versace Pour Femme ‘Dylan Blue’.

First to say is the design of the bottle which is inspired by Greek culture. The design is reminiscent of an Amphora. The colour of the bottle is a cobalt blue which echoes the depth of colour of the Mediterranean Sea; strong and mysterious. The gold decoration includes Medusa. To me the bottle reminds me of an old ink bottle! I love the design of it, dramatic and bold.

The first spray hits you with the fruit notes, apples, peaches and blackcurrant to the fore with a hint of clove. The middle notes is when the floral notes come through. Jasmine, rose and patchouli. The dry down is warm, musky and woody.

It is a strong, sensuous perfume, perfect for the mysterious Greek goddess!



The Body Shop ‘Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner’!

Hi everybody,

I hope everybody is enjoying the summer and eating lots of fruit! Talking of fruit, I have been trying The Body Shop Banana range of hair products. I tend to stick with the well-known makers of hair products such as Pantene, Schwartzkopf and Head & Shoulders but I read reviews of the Body Shop Banana shampoos so decided to give them a go. As you already know I do like Body Shop products anyway!

I purchased the smaller sizes but they do bigger sizes too. The formula is thankfully made without silicones as silicones prevents moisture and essential oils getting to the hair so long term use of silicones is bad news! The shampoo is for normal to dry hair. When you wash your hair, it felt very nice to use when I showered and the smell was pure banana so truly delicious! My hair after dry down felt so soft, so light and manageable and so easy to work with. I could still feel the banana scent! Usually I leave 3 days before washing my hair again and it held up well without looking greasy and limp.

I have to say I was very impressed by the range and it really proved to me not just to look at the big hair brands but to look elsewhere. I usually go to The Body Shop for skincare, body care and make and never looked at their hair range and they are as good as the bigger companies.


Mascara Stash!

Hello Everybody,

I love mascaras. Mascaras lift your eyes and makes them pop! I always feel that my eyes are naked without it as they can totally change your look.

I have had a stash of mascaras which I have used and finally I can write about them! Some good, some not so good.

Tanya Burr Cosmetic Selfie Lash has a rubber wand made of small rubber bristles. The brush is small and slightly rounded but flexible and is easy to work with. It elongates the lashes and you can build up the mascara for a more dramatic look. It lasted for quite a long time during the day and only at the end of the day did I notice some slight smudging. I did like it and very reasonably priced too.

No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara is the only waterproof mascara I tried. The wand is a simple and straight lade from a rubber material and is quite spiky. It separates and elongates your lashes very nicely. It stayed quite well for the day and to remove it you need to use waterproof eye make up remover. A very good everyday mascara.

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion Water resistant has a small, fat rubber wand with small bristles. It was not water resistant at all. It gives a natural wet look which I didn’t like and it gave me no volume or length. I was not very impressed with this mascara so a big let down.

Max Factor Dark Magic Instant Dramatic Volume Mascara has a strange wavy bristle wand. I presume it was designed to give the mascara more volume to your lashes. It did leave the lashes with a heavy, dramatic look. Obviously it didn’t separate the eyelashes. A downside for me was that it dried up in the tube quite quickly. It was an OK mascara but I won’t be buying it again.

YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils has a small, slightly rounded bristled wand. This gave a beautiful look to the lashes, volume and length were fantastic. It built up easily with the easy to use wand. It was effortless to get the ideal look for my eyes. The stand out mascara I used over the time.

The YSL was excellent and the best but then so it should be. The Tanya Burr and the No 7 for the tighter budget were very good too use and great everyday products.

Thankfully we are all different and every person has a different view on what the mascara should do for their eyes.


Kenzo ‘Wild’ EDT!

Hello Everybody,

I hope you enjoyed the Easter break and had lots of chocolate wherever you were. The weather was gorgeous here in the UK so I hope you enjoyed it too!

Kenzo Wild was a 2015 limited release and only sold in certain international airports. You wouldn’t have found it everywhere. This is my second Kenzo perfume.

The box is very distinctive in style, it looks like a pink and blue jungle. The bottle is a simple rectangle shape with a pink bottom and acrylic-look flower cap.

The beginning of the scent is a fresh citrus with a heavy pink grapefruit and a touch of lemon. The middle is orange blossom and peony. The dry down is when the woodiness and musk come to the fore but it keeps the orange without been overpowering. For a EDT I have found that I can still feel it but you still need a ‘top-up’ spray now and again.

Kenzo Wild is an everyday fragrance for the hot, steamy, sticky summer days that are just around the corner. I have no rules in my fragrance wardrobe, I wear what I like when I like!


Shower Time With Rituals Ayurveda Range!

Hi Everybody,

My sister knows me very well. We always talk about beauty, skincare and trying new products. I was very lucky to have been bought from her for my birthday a gift box of Rituals Ayurveda products so this was a lovely present to try something from their range that I have never used before.

The gift box had four products to try; A foaming shower gel, shower oil, body cream and a natural dry oil for body and hair.

The shower gel comes out clear but when you start washing yourself it becomes a thick foam. It has a lovely sweet scent of Indian rose and sweet almond. Your skin feels clean and beautifully scented.

The shower oil has the same gorgeous scent and when you apply it feels luxurious. The oil leaves the skin so smooth.

The body cream is quite interesting. It absorbs instantly into the skin and you don’t feel any greasiness or stickiness. The Indian rose and Himalayan honey scent is very strong so not everybody will like it but I do!

The natural dry oil has a slightly different scent as it has only the sweet almond oil and basil which is an unusual combination. I haven’t tried it on my hair as I have oils for that but on the body it felt gorgeous on my skin.It absorbed easily into my skin and my skin felt very smooth. My legs feel dry so this helped to hydrate them and my body. Like other oils you only need a tiny amount for your skin so very long lasting.

I have really enjoyed using this range. I have tried several other products from Rituals and I’ve never been disappointed by anything I’ve tried. They feel luxurious, excellent quality and a perfect gift for anyone.


Perfume Books Part 3!

Hello Everybody,

I do love my books and I have a pile to read and there are more to come in the next few months I want to read! I have very little time to read much for myself but I read a lot to my son.

The Essence of Perfume by Roja Dove is the first book by the world’s only Professeur de Parfums. This is a handsome book with beautiful photgraphy but its also a master’s perfume definitive guide. It goes through the different aspects of pefume making. The sense of smell, the raw materials, the breakdown of how to make a perfume. It then guides you through the modern and classic perfumes. The making of the bottles and the houses of perfumes and then the people themselves. It is a truly definitive guide to perfume making and a book to come back to time and time again. I love the photography and the illustrations in the book. The advertising images through the ages is fascinating to see. If you love perfumes and the history of it, this is the book for you.

Dior The Perfumes is another sumptuous book that covers the perfume history of Dior. It describes every perfume made, who created it and the inspiration behind it. It looks into Dior’s life and the importance of his friends, his love of art and his love of gardens. It also details the making of perfume. Of course no book on Dior cannot ignore his fashion and his ideas. This is a true coffee table book, its large and beautifully illustrated with lots of archive photography and advertising images. I cannot wait to see the exhibition at the V&A!


Kissable Lips!

Hi Everybody,

I hope everyone had a happy St Valentine’s day and love is around everyday in your life. Of course you don’t want dry and chapped lips as you want to do lots of kissing but also for everyday life for hydrating your pout!

I have been using 3 new lip products lately and I have been loving them. The first one I have been using is the Nivea Watermelon Shine. I always keep this one in my jacket when I go out with my son. This is made with natural oils. This is in a stick format and it really smells of watermelon. It leaves the lips with a slight tint and I have found that it hydrates the lips and moisturizes them. The formula melts into your lips and it just works perfectly.

The second lip product is Rabot 1745 Peach Chocolat Lip BalmĀ from Hotel Chocolat. Hotel Chocolat is a high-street chain of chocolate shops here in the UK. They also sell beauty products and I had to try one of their products. This come in a small, chunky bamboo pot. It is made with almond oil, cacao butter, beeswax and rosemary leaf extract. I leave this on my bedside table and use it before I gone to bed. This one does smell of peaches! It is very hydrating and the lips are nicely moisturized when I use this one. It is a clear balm so it leaves a subtle shine to the lips.

The last one is Lypsyl Luxurious Vanilla comes in a cute compact with a mirror! I have found this to be very handy. The balm is excellent. The lips are nourished and hydrated as it uses Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and shea butter. It is also SPF 15. You can really feel the difference. They have 2 more in the range so I will have to try them too!

They are all lovely products, reasonably priced and my lips are so kissable all year round!