Shimmer for the Summer!


Hi Everybody,

I know, summer hasn’t arrived in the UK but you can still prepare your body for it! Adding some shimmer to your body care routine doesn’t just emphasis your tan but  gives your a natural, healthy beautiful glow.   Here are a few I have that you can be brave to use and enjoy.

The Body Shop Brilliance Powder in ‘Shimmer Bronze’ – If you don’t like to use oils or cream, you can lightly dust your body and it will give you a nice, bronzy glow. It gives you a touch of shimmer and is beautiful to use. You can use this on your face as well.

NUXE Prodigieux Precious Scented Shower Oil – If you have already a tan, you can use this in the shower to maintain the tan. It moisturizes and leaves you with a nice sheen to it. It has a nice scent to it too.

Laura Mercier ‘tarte au citron’ Simmer Body Mist – If you don’t want to use a summer fragrance or lotion, this is the perfect choice. It smells nice and it moisturizes well too and It leaves a glowing finish.

Piz Buin Instant Glow Skin Illuminating Sun Spray – It contains SPF 30 and protects you from UVA and UVB. If you are pale and you want a slight glow to your skin this is perfect. It is infused with light reflecting pearls that illuminates your skin for a subtle, glowing finish to the skin. I like this for my legs and is easy to apply, shake and spray and rub it in.

Rosie For Autograph Summer Rose Shimmer Body Oil – This is a lightweight body oil which illuminates the skin and it gives a real golden glow. It has camelina and sweet almond oils to moisturize and soften the skin. It has a divine smell, a real beautiful smell which is the summer in a bottle. It is also non-greasy, easy to apply and absorbs without to much effort. A real winner in my view!

I hope a beautiful heatwave is coming so we can sit on the beach and glow like the sunshine!






The Body Shop ‘Pinita Colada’ Collection.

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Hi Everyone,

As you know I love The Body Shop. Every year they create a seasonal range of new products with new smells. This summer they created a nice body range of products.  The Pinita Colada collection is a shower gel, body scrub, body sorbet and a favourite of body shop, the body butter.

The Body Shop are always full of good ideas and this year’s offering is no different. the scent is pure tropical, Pineapple and coconut but without the white rum! It really smells of summer and is wonderful, it’s so good you could eat it! The body butter absorbs into the skin easily and doesn’t feel sticky at all. The body scrub has a creamy consistency with added exfolitants in it that gives it a nice feel on the body and leaves it very smooth.

This is a fantastic summer treat for your body, get it while you still can!


Mary Greenwell ‘Cherry’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

I have had this fragrance since last year when my husband bought this for me for our second anniversary. We had our third wedding anniversary last week and now I will review this perfume!

Mary Greenwell is the greatest of make-up artists working today. I was lucky to see her at the Glamour Festival when she was in conversation with Fearne Cotton. She is passionate and dedicated to her profession but she is funny and warm. She is a beautiful person and one day to be her student and learn from her!

Her perfume creations are Plum, Lemon, Fire and Cherry. and were created with Francois Robert.The packaging is of a nice quality, simple but classy styling. The bottle is a simple rectangular shape and the cap is a heavy gold metal which gives it a wow factor. The cap does add weight to the bottle and is not one to put in a handbag!

The scent is fruity and flowery with a subtle powdery finish. The cherry does not dominate this scent at all. The top notes are blackberry and sour cherry with a touch of bergamot. The cherry is not a cheap, artificial cherry which you can get with cheaper perfumes but a sour cherry. The middle notes I feel lily-of-the-valley and the warmth of the tonka bean but not much jasmine. The base notes I feel the patchouli come through. I have found this to be such a good lasting scent on your body, just a few sprays and it lasts so long on me!

This is a beautiful scent and is perfect for the summer or autumn and like the lady herself, it is a sophisticated creation.




Sukin Skincare Review.


Hi Everybody,

Sukin was created in Melbourne in 2007  by a family who wanted to provide high-quality, affordable skincare.  They are certified 100% vegan and carbon neutral.  “Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth” is their tagline which reflects their affordable price positioning and also touches on Sukin’s natural formulations and earth friendly brand ethos.

I bought the products from Infinty Foods in Brighton where they have a nice selection of products but now you can buy  some of the range from Holland & Barrett.

Packaging is of a nice quality and with a good quantities of each product. No small amounts in silly little bottles here!

I have mentioned that I have used their cream cleanser which is excellent for removing make-up from my skin with a muslin cloth but I have added more products since then.  The Foaming Facial Cleanser is sulphate and paraben free so it doesn’t dry your skin out.  The ingredients include Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel which makes this a gentle product that you can happily use everyday in your skin care regime.  The Revitalising Facial Scrub is again a gentle scrub that uses non-abrasive, micro particles of bamboo extract and ground walnut shells that removes dirt and impurities.  Your skin feels clean, soft and smooth.  The Facial Moisturiser is a lightweight formula which absorbs into the skin easily. I have used this under make up and have had no issues. I do suffer from breakouts and I have found this helps to calm and heal them. I like the fact you have a pump action mechanism which helps gets all the product out.  The smell won’t be for everyone as it grassy/herby scent but I don’t mind it myself. The last product is the Moisture Restoring Night Cream. I have mentioned this before as a monthly favourite but it is a wonderful product. It has an bouncy,rich texture and is enriched with rose hip, primrose and borage oils to protect the skin’s moisture barrier. After using it, my skin does feel moisturized and hydrated.

These make a nice collection of products to use for your skincare regime without breaking the bank and also knowing that they are also kind to the environment. Now to try their masks, facial oils and body range they make!











Cuckmere Haven trip!










Here are a few images of our trip to Seven Sisters Country Park & Cuckmere Haven yesterday. It really is a beautiful setting, You have a river setting and follow it around until it meets the sea. It is a beautiful setting and a wonderful beach to explore the breathtaking cliffs. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick some seashells and a few bits of driftwood I managed to find.

The setting is perfect for a picnic, relax and watch everything with my binoculars and snap a few pictures with my instant camera!


Latest in Beauty Summer Edit Box!


Hi Everybody,

As I have mentioned before, I do like to try new products in the Latest in Beauty boxes. You try different products for a modest amount and test them to see if you like them. It also gives you the chance to try and keep up with the constant new products on the market.

This summer box contains eight products, none of which I have ever tried before. Grounded Chocolate Orange Body Scrub is made in the UK and is one of the many new products which uses coffee as a scrub.  Aurelia Miracle Cleanser with bamboo muslin cloth is a travel size version of the popular high-end cleanser. I want miracles from this product when I start using it as it is quite expensive. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray has a lot of love from many in the beauty world, I hope the hype is right! NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil is a shower oil with golden shimmer and I do love a bit of shimmer. It will be interesting to see the results on this. Smells nice though, like many of Nuxe products do. St Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mist is a self-tanning spray but I have never self-tanned before so I’m a bit nervous on using it! Ladival Sun Protection Spray is perfect for the summer. It has not just UV-A or UV-B protection but also protects from infrared A rays. No excuse for not protecting ourselves with this full size bottle. Wow Mask Luxury Facial Mask is made in California for the Hyalual Institute in Switzerland. Good for revitalizing the skin and helping to fight pores. Sounds good as  do like a face mask. Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour ‘Devotion’ is a very nice pinky-rapsberry colour. It looks very nice on the lips and was very long lasting in the two days I have used it. I always go for Bourjois or Rimmel so I should take a closer look at Revlon’s products. You also receive brand offers which are redeemable when you purchase items from their websites.

I will do an update of the products later..



Van Cleef & Arpels ‘Oriens’ EDP.


Hi Everybody,

Van Cleefs & Arpels are a famous jewellery company but they also make some very nice perfumes. They started creating fragrances in 1976 and they have now created 54  perfumes since then.

Oriens was created in 2010 by Bernard Ellena. The packaging is of very nice quality and the bottle design is based on the Arbre Aux Songes, a famous tourmaline and diamond ring from the Van Cleef & Arpels Midsummer Night’s Dream Range.

The scent is a mix of floral and fruitness but at the same time there is a hint of powder in the dry down.  Raspberry, vanilla, amber and citrus are all there. Longevity is there for the whole day. This perfume would be good for the summer and autumn. If you can’t afford expensive jewellery this fragrance gives you the feeling of diamonds around you!