Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret review


Hi Everybody,

Today’s post  is about one of my all time favourite perfumes. This wasn’t my first expensive perfumes I bought( that honour goes to Nina Ricci’s) but after working hard and receiving my first real pay cheque I decided to treat myself. I went into Debenham’s in Eastbourne (This was before I discovered the wonderfulness of the Boots magic card!)and after looking around for awhile I found myself in the perfume section. I like sweet scent perfumes and I was drawn to this one like a bee is drawn to a rose garden!  A delightful floral scent was my first feeling to this perfume and the bottle is a thing of delight as well. The bottle is crystal shaped, almost like a teardrop with angled edges, just like a diamond. Le Secret starts with a burst of sweet, floral scent. I can feel jasmine, green tea and lots of peony. It settles to a warm feeling of ginger with a touch of woodiness. I know some people complain about the fact that it doesn’t last long but for me it lasts all day with only a couple of sprays.

This is a beautiful, refreshing, sophisticated and damn sexy perfume! I just adore it!! I have a tiny amount left but Christmas is coming…


On my nails – OPI Red Shatter

Hi Everybody,

This shatter look has been very popular, especially if you don’t want to leave home with just colour on your nails. Using OPI red shatter mixed with any colour can leave your nails with a fun look.

First I used a base coat.  I used Avon’s Arabian glow nailwear pro in Sunshine as a base colour and then after allowing it to dry, I applied the OPI coat. After applying just one coat the shatter effect appears very quickly. The effect is striking and didn’t chip or crack after a week. The texture is fantastic and it’s typical of OPI’s quality.

I can’t wait to try the blue shatter…


R xx

Glossy Magazines.

Hi Everybody,

People like to read. Books, newspaper or magazines. For beauty girls like me it’s the glossy magazines and here all England we have a big choice to cover yourself. My favourite magazine of them all is Glamour. When I was living Latvia I would buy the Russian version  but now I buy the British edition.  It covers everything and I love it!  You can find everything. Beauty, fashion, relationship advice, celebrity interviews and of course the free goodie offers!  The great thing is that it’s only £2.

I buy random magazines from time to time just to see what they are look. Red is very good, an upmarket Glamour. The usual things are in there but a bit more focus on home, food and travel.  Marie Claire is similar to Red in that it goes for interviews and articles as well as the usual stuff and like Red the photography is to a very good standard. Instyle is similar to Red and Marie Claire in style but does have a bias to fashion but the photography isn’t as interesting. Cosmopolitan is obsessed with sex and men considering the issue I bought! Company goes for the high street brands rather than  posh, designer labels. Refreshing and different. Harpers Bazaar is an expensive magazine for rich people. Great magazine using great photographers and obsessed with designer brands. Enough said.


I have to include this magazine as I am a studying beauty. Professional Beauty is the choice for anyone who works or wants to work in this industry. Covers all aspects of this ever changing industry and is essential reading to anyone who works in it.


I love Boots and they produce a freebie magazine (if you have their points card) which covers new ranges, advice and everything beauty and health related. A really well produced magazine and  free as well!


What are you favourite magazines, please let me know…


Buys of the week!

Hi Everybody,

As autumn is now with us and the nights are drawing in, I need a bit of  retail therapy! To be honest I don’t need much of an excuse for that anyway!!

This weekend I popped into my two favourite high street stores to help me. As a valued customer to The Body Shop ( their words!) I gladly accepted their 30% weekend offer to purchase a few of their new products. First up is the new range of Vineyard Peach collection of body butter, scrub, lotion and shower gels. I bought the scrub and the smell is glorious, I could take a spoon and eat it! A heavenly scent of ripe peaches. The consistency is like a mousse, a real creamy texture to it.


They have also created a new range of eleven flavoured lip glosses. I picked up cocoa and plum flavoured, lovely glosses with a lovely shine, not at all sticky and a delightful smell as well. The last thing I picked up was a hi-shine lip treatment in cherry glimmer shade which was half price and like others I have purchased, it does not disappoint. Great shine and feel without it being sticky. I also get the bag free as part of the deal!

Boots have a great reward card and I do my best to shop there often to collect the points and receive the great deals they offer. I like to change shampoos often to see how they work best on my hair, so this time I have changed to the new Pantene Pro-V smooth & sleek shampoo, conditioner and mask.  It smells of exotic fruits and I have liked the results so far.

Boots really do a great pounds off voucher on their No7 range and as it was the last day to take advantage of the voucher, I picked the Stay Perfect Eye Shadow Duo in Royal. A deep blue/purple matte with a tiny amount of shimmer while the gold shadow has a definite shimmer to it, I look forward to using these autumn colours and reviewing them at a  later date but they do look great.

What have been your buys lately? Leave me a comment as I love to hear from everybody about their buys.