On my nails- Ciate Jelly Bean.

Hi Everybody,

I’ve always liked nail polishes since I was young.  The fantastic and varied colours on offer to us means we can change our look without the breaking the bank.  With so many makers on the market I decided to use Ciate’s Jelly Bean. This was a freebie from Magazine and was a choice of three which you could collect. Of course it was a most buy and I bought the brightest colour on offer! The bottle  is an interesting shape, a curved bottle with a longer cap then normal finished off with a black bow tie. Very pretty!

The colour is a bubble gum pink with a pearlized blue undertone and I have found it be hard wearing and I did have to apply 2 coats to get the right effect. A bright colour which I do enjoy using.





My Skincare Routine!

Hi Everybody,

Sorry for the lack of post last week, I had to prepare for a test at college( I passed!) and trying on wedding dresses! Today I thought I would go through with my skincare routine with you. All women want to have perfect skin but to try and achieve this impossible dream you need to look after it. I really enjoy giving facials to people around me and I have so learnt so much about the different skin types of people. The main types are oily, dry, combination, sensitive and mature. My skin is a combination of oily and dry/dehydrated. This is the most difficult of skin types as you require so many products if you develop a break out of spots and have dryness. I just want to smear butter all over my face sometimes! I do drink a lot of water and drink green tea and don’t drink coffee or alcohol or smoke will dehydrate your skin and make your skin look awful. I see many beautiful girls that smoke and drink and in the future will regret what they have done to their skin.

I will start at night time as you should NEVER  leave make up on when you go to bed. I use a variety of products but the 3 I use frequently are Garnier essential face and eye wipes but of course there are many different brands of them. I do like Priadara Pro I therapy make up remover as it’s oil free and is a gel like liquid and a Lancome Bi Facial which is a combination of 2 liquids which you need to shake before using. This Lancome is highly recommended but pricey.

I always cleanse my skin twice. Why you say? The first to remove make up and the second cleanser should match your skin type. I use Sanctuary SPA perfect skin cleansing oil. This dissolves make up, purify and moisturises in all one. The second cleanser is Biore blemish fighting ice cleanser. This includes salicylic acid and doesn’t not dries my skin.

Once or twice a week I exfoliate my skin to remove dead skin cells and remove dullness and bring some life back into the skin. As you know I do love The Body Shop and one product I swear by is the Seaweed pore cleansing facial exfoliator. St Ives apricot scrub is another I use. This is a 100% natural product that is gentle to use on the skin and very well priced. L’Oreal perfect clean foaming gentle scrub is another product I use. It comes with a little sponge and isn’t at all harsh to use.

Once a week I apply a non setting facial mask. Avon planet spa mud mask which consists of dead sea minerals helps to minimize to keep those pores away. Soap and Glory super self heating deep cleansing face mask. This really heats up your face and it does feels like I have red hot chillies on my face and afterwards I look like a pink piglet!

Underneath I have given you a list of clay and liquid masks that you can mix yourself according to your skin type. Easy to use and make and very good for your skin.













A naturally occurring,

greenish brown

coloured clay having

absorbent properties.

Very deep cleansing,

degreasing and



Greasy /




Blocked pores

and comedones

Coarse skins


(China clay,

White Bole)


A white or greyish

white coloured clay

which is insoluble in

water and so slightly

abrasive on the skin.


Cleansing, degreasing

and stimulating. Helps

bring spots to a head.





Blocked pores

and comedones.

Flowers of



A bright yellow

crystalline powder

with abrasive




stimulating, drying and

healing to acne.



Blocked pores

and comedones

Teenage skins





A very fine textured

white powder.


Mildly astringent and

stimulating having

refreshing, invigorating

actions on the skin.

Normal to dry.





A soft pale pink



Soothing, calming and

cooling to the skin,

helps reduce












Witch Hazel




A clear liquid with a

characteristic smell.


Mild astringent,

invigorating and


Greasy /



Blocked pores



Orange Flower




A clear liquid with a

soft pleasant smell.


refreshing and

mildly cooling.


Normal to dry

Rose water


A clear liquid scented with rose.


Gently toning and

refreshing and

mildly cooling.


Normal, dry

and sensitive



A sweet, clear, syrup

type fluid.



hydrating and



Normal, dry

and sensitive.

Distilled water


Water with no

additional minerals in



Liquid agent with

no effect.


Any skin type.

Vegetable oil


A clear greasy fluid

that can have a mild



Moisturising and



Dry and normal




Some people skip using a toner but I do like using them in the mornings to freshen up and cool down your skin. It’s a good wakeup call for your skin. I use Clarins daily energizer wake up booster, Liz Earle’s instant boost skin tonic or L’occitane face toner.


Lastly I do use night and day creams. At the moment I use Clarin’s daily energizer cream for the day and Body Shop vitamin E night cream.


You can add to your skincare routine by using eye serums and eye creams, the choice is huge but remember these following things. Drinking lots of water, eating a healthy balanced diet sleeping well, keeping the stress of the world at bay and loving life together with your skin care routine will lead to a enjoyable and beautiful life. If we are happy our skin will be happy and if we are sad our skin will be sad.


Buys of the week

Hi Everybody,

Under two months to Christmas and the shops are full of gift ideas and offers. The feel of Christmas is in the air! Having a few days off work, me and fiancée headed down to Brighton for a walk around and of course bargain hunting! We went into the North Lanes and stopped off to Infinity Foods. It seems every time I go to them I seem to find the good offers and this was no different. I do like this shop and I bought Weleda lemon balm and orange blossom shampoo and conditioner. Buy the shampoo and the conditioner was free. I also purchased Weleda sea buckthorn hand cream as I do have a thing of hand creams and as the weather is colder, I bought Lavera lip balm.

I, of course had to go into Boots to look around, so many beautiful things! I have never purchased Pixi cosmetics before (I did go to their Carnaby Street shop in London)but I did purchase the last Early Bird morning light make up pallete they had in stock :-). For £16 it has three blushes, 2 bronzers, 1 highlighter, 4 eye base powders and 16 eye shadows. It looks like opening a window and the packaging is very cute. The pigmentation and colour is a frosty look and the blushes are soft and velvety. I look forward to giving a review later on this pallet. I have a breakout of spots so I bought Simple rapid action spot zapper to see if it works. I will let every know how it’s done in due course.

Superdrug is always worth a look and I did buy the 5 MUA Nail Constellaion nail art decorations. This sort of nail decoration is very popular at the moment and as I will be starting manicure and pedicure as part of my beauty course shortly so I thought I better get something  different to practice with.

Left to Right: Scorpio,Leo, Pisces, Gemini, Libra.


What have been your beauty buys lately? I love to hear from everybody.